Is it Drawing or Painting?



I consider mark-making on a two-dimensional surface from a sculptor’s perspective. I ask, how can this object behave differently from a conventional painting  or drawing?  I often think in advance beyond the boundaries of a particular drawing or group of markings and plan how it might be seen in the dynamics of a specific location or combined with other elements in a large-scale installation setting. I envision how we might encounter thiese objects phenomenologically in three-dimensional space, and how we perceive them as having a position and responsiveness to the message and appearance of their surroundings. Thus the ideas I carry out on a flat surface, using a two dimensional process of collage, drawing, painting, or projection, also develop as a set of expressive behaviors whose meaning depends on material conditions of wrinkling, folding, blowing, bending, obstructing or radiating light, even being rained on.