Siting art in a visibly public location broadens its outreach.  It may also politicize a work, regardless of the artist’s intent.  It is both a privilege and a responsibility to use art sensitively to frame civic dialogue.


The September 11, 2001 attacks influenced a glass work I was just then creating for exhibition.  Re-titling it Moment of Recognition, I reframed it as a joint work requiring public participation that facilitated dialogue, public engagement, and self-inquiry at a defining moment for American values.  (To learn more, visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum  Artist Portfolio  and click on "artist's statement.")


Since then I have had occasion to develop other projects building or reflective of community values and connection, combining my own gestures or words with those of others in a public forum.  Icarus/Wingwords collected 80 writings from my community on the theme of “flight,” while Street Reflections 301 caused an art school’s window to reflect on the values of its urban neighbors.