Reviews and Articles by Elizabeth Michelman

Living Treasures of North Carolina” at the Fuller Craft Museum,

Artscope Magazine, July/ August 2012


Lianghong Feng:  Authenticity and Culture,

Artscope Magazine, May/June, 2012


Hans-Christian Lischewski:  "Untitled, A Retrospective,"

Artscope Magazine, March/April, 2012


Brice Marden:  Prints, 1973-2010,

Artscope Magazine, January/February, 2012


Beryl Korot: "Video-Text/Weave/Line,"  

Artscope Magazine, November/December, 2011 (full text PDF)


Andy Moerlein and Donna Dodson:  In a Collaborative Spirit,

Artscope Magazine, September/October 2011


“The Strange Life of Objects:  The Art of Annette Lemieux,”

 Artscope Magazine, July/August 2011 (full text PDF)


Art Complex Museum at Duxbury:  “Back Forty,”

Artscope Magazine, July/August,  2011 


Studios Without Walls:  "Sanctuary,”

Artscope Magazine, May/June, 2011


The Magic of Sculptor Judy Haberl,

Artscope Magazine, March/April, 2011 (full text PDF)


“The New Materiality” at Fuller Museum of Crafts,

Artscope Magazine, January/February 2010


For What Good is a Public Library? 

Brookline TAB, March 22, 2006  (full text PDF)


The Space of Speech (“Why Talk...”),  

Arts Media July/August, 1998




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